Sunday, April 19, 2015


Another week till I'm 4 MONTHS!!!! Today, I'll be discussing products to use when you're pregnant. Even before I'm pregnant, I use good quality products because I believe that, whatever you use, will be absorbed by your body. 

Now, I'm pregnant, I'm even more worried of what I use, especially lotions, skincare and my monthly facial visits. 

I still continue with my facial experts at Thalgo, and I still continue using Thalgo's Facial Foam, Masques and Moisturizers. They're effective, gentle, natural marine based ingredients even though, it's a little on the pricey side. 

Next, I started taking Abbott Similac Pramilet as prescribed by my doctor. I hate the vitamin because it's huge and I have a gag reflex when I try to swallow it. But, since it's good for the baby, I take it every night with my milk!.

Picture courtesy of Abbott Store

Next, I take Floradix, a German health tonic made from fruit extracts and I start my day with 10ml of this supplement. After my fainting incident last 2 weeks, I haven't felt dizzy after taking this. This product really helps because I don't consume red meat and this helps with my iron in my body!

For more information, you can check Salus Haus

Since veggies make me sick with their soil infested smell, the doctor recommended taking more fruits and Anmum to help with the baby's developement. I normally take my glass of Anmum Mango at night with 1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds. It tastes amazing and so delicious. It helps with keeping the Pramilet tablet down. 

Here's an important topic. The Hubby has been learning massaging techniques online and I swear, he gives me the best massages and it really does wonders for my tired body. (Try working 7-4, teaching kids, and chasing after buses and see how it feels!) We've been using the Earth Mama Angel Baby Massage Oil but it's finished so, we searched for a new one!

I went to 1 Utama and decided to try Mt. Sapola, somehow, decided to Google about oils and many sites claims that pregnant women SHOULD NOT be simply using massage oils and aromatherapy because certain oils such as rosemary, sage, terragon is BAD for pregnancy!

Should you need a list, you can check these sites out: National Association of Holistic AromatherapySalve Naturals The Beauty Blogger and Baby Centre UK

What didn't help at Mt. Sapola (Nearby OneWorld Hotel) that made me decided NOT TO BUY was that the salesperson didn't know anything! She kept recommending me Rosemary Massage Oil and told me that everything is safe for pregnancy. 

So, I went on to Melvita and got their Avocado Oil and the salesperson was very knowledgable and I'm going back to get the Argan Oil next! The oils are odourless, works wonders and safe for pregnant women. 

I got all these for RM200; Shampoo, Massage Oil, Toothpaste and a free cosmetics bag and membership! Should you require more details on their products, I would recommend their Argan Oil for pregnant women Melvita Beauty Oils

A little update:

1) Not much vomiting anymore. 

2) Not so tired anymore.

3) My appetite is back.

4) My belly is still normal, doesn't look like I've swallowed a watermelon yet.

5) Craving for Creamy Carbonara pasta. 

6) I still feel tired by 3PM but my naps are shorter now. 

7) I wake up middle of the night to pee! (I never wake up to pee!)

8) MY DREAMS ARE HORRIBLE!!!! Been dreaming that I got stabbed, strangled, shot and etc... I always dream that I'm physically hurt or dying. Googled it and apparently, Its because I feel that my life is ending since I'm pregnant and I need to adjust to my pregnancy. 

Which is true because before I was pregnant, I was working on my terrorism research proposal for my PhD. Need to let that go and focus on my pregnancy. 

9) Pregnancy brain EXISTS!!! I feel like I'm not as smart as  I was, before I am pregnant. I feel that I'm slower and I don't understand my research papers anymore, that I've given up reading them. 

10) I cry and get angry easily. I cry watching movies, when I see a dog cross the road, at dog food ads, technically, I cry A LOT! 

I also get angry easily especially with my students and I find myself, not as patient as before. Which is a good thing cause now, they are a teeny weeny a bit afraid of me and don't really mess with me. 

Friday, April 03, 2015


Time sure flies when you're having fun! Despite how sick baby is making me, I embrace this little fella and I look forward to the day, baby is going to be born!

Been saying "Our Father" and "Hail Mary" (Catholic practise) every night for this little baby. I guess, all I want is for the baby to be born healthy and safe. I might be paranoid but I just want baby to be safe, new mothers, do you understand what I mean?

This is an amalgamation of how I've been feeling lately.

1) Been feeling like a whale because I can't seem to fit into any of my clothes anymore and The Hubby has been super supportive of my need for fashionable clothes. Oh, I can no longer fit into WAREHOUSE, Dorothy Perkins and even Uniqlo!!! Hubby just bought me RM500 worth of clothes from 9months! Yes! I have to wear maternity clothes now!!!

2) Been feeling like an elephant because I've been too tired to even bathe and The Hubby have to bathe me, dry me, dry my hair and apply lotion on my body. Have you seen those elephant ads?

This is not my picture, I DO NOT OWN this picture. THIS PICTURE BELONGS TO Johnny Jet

3) I'm crazy paranoid about the safety of the baby. I'm ALWAYS so worried for this little fella! I'll pray twice a day just to ensure his/her safety.....


We always look forward to our monthly visit to the dr just so we can see our little miracle moving, bouncing, clutching and unclutching its little fist. Then, its little heartbeat that's beating so loud and strong. I think we have a strong little miracle here.... 

UPDATE: 4/4/2015 (SATURDAY) Today was so scary because when I woke up, the room started spinning and I couldn't balance myself and I fell. I managed to shout for The Hubby to help and when he put me on the bed, I fainted.

I just blacked out and The Hubby was putting ice on the back of my neck and we were terrified. He rushed me to the hospital and they suspected its haemoglobin or something and they put me on drips and took my blood to do some tests. 

It was so horrible because I was still fainting and I kept vomiting because the room was just spinning. We were supposed to attend the Easter Mass at 10:45PM but the dr. told me to stay at home because too many people, and I could faint again. 

When they finally allowed me to go home, I slept until Sunday morning. I really hope everything is OK and the blood result will be OK as well. And I really hope I don't experience it again, EVER!