Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#24Weeks #6Months and Horrible parents

We've come a loooong way from 7 weeks. I'm halfway through my pregnancy. *YAY*

Today, I want to talk about Parenting 101. Just this week, I've encountered 2 pair of parents that really shouldn't be a parent. I'm not judging but Parenting is a privilege, NOT a right. 

SCENE 1: I was resting on those round chairs in Curve in front of Charles & Keith, this dad and his 2 daughters sat down and one of those girls was just kicking the chair NON FUCKING STOP. It was so uncomfortable because I'm pregnant. I told the little girl off and told her to stop kicking the chair, they are other people seating on the chair and she's being selfish. The useless father just stared at me rudely, and instead of apologising, the douchebag pulled both his daughters hands and left. 

SCENE 2: A few weeks later, as I was browsing dress making templates in Spotlight, ipc with Mom and Karin, these family (Mom, Dad, Young Son and Daughter) was also looking around. Out of the sudden, the 2 brats (each pushing those basket trolleys, each) decided to run and shout halfway across the store and ended up crashing the trolleys into me. The parents just stared on and the mom, mumbled to her child, say sorry. 

The child refused and started pointing at each other and I shouted at the mom, I'm freaking 6 months pregnant, if anything was to happen to me, all you're going to say is "SORRY" and then blame each other. The father then came and started staring at me for shouting at his family. AT that time my mom and Karin came and started shouting at them too. The mom just mumbled a sorry and left. 

I really don't understand what kind of parenting "skills" these people have. They don't use their brains and they're so stupid that they shouldn't procreate. Having kids is a full time job, as parents, its their responsibility to teach simple, basic courtesy to their kids and not let their kids run wild. 

Like I said, I'm not judging and I hope this serves as a reminder to me and hubby to raise courteous kids. Courtesy and good manners cannot be taught, it has to be shown and lead by example. No wonder, we have so many people living in this world like they're the only one in it. So selfish, self righteous and stupid. You can be the most wealthiest or the most educated, without manners, you're nothing. 

1) I don't know if it's a bad thing or a good thing but I (still) don't look like I've swallowed a watermelon. In fact, my tummy is just slightly bigger. Dr. said that, it's nothing to worry about, I have a big stomach, so, baby doesn't stretch my stomach out.

2) We (FINALLY) know the gender of the baby!!!!!! Care to take a guess???

3) We (FINALLY) decided to start shopping for baby stuff because Mothercare was having a mid year sale and the sale was damn good! Avent bottles at 50%, Charlie Banana 2-in-1 diapers were 20% for a pack of 6. (Price outside is RM450, after discount is only RM380) Bibs, clothes, mittens and all baby clothing are 20%. Managed to get the Johnson's baby Newborn gift set for only RM35 cause Jason's Food Hall, BSC put the price wrongly. Original price is RM55.

4) Baby is very healthy, active and growing very well. Been kicking and punching me non stop.

5) The best Mothercare is in BSC. The largest Mothercare outlet I've been to, so far.

6) I'm back to being tired easily.

7) Mommy and Aunty Karin loves baby so much and got baby all sort of branded/designer onesies. 

8) I can't really decide if I want a Baby Shower or a Full Moon party. A baby shower seems less expensive, easier (Finger food/tea/venue) and there's no traditional crap. Mom, on the other hand, suggests a full moon party and there's so many Chinese beliefs and "nonsense" that I don't know/understand. It's also more expensive (Full Moon Box?!)

9) We have pretty much bought most things that baby needs. Just the big stuff like Crib, Baby Seat and Stroller. 
- Since we plan to Cloth Diaper the baby, I could really use more Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers; I love Project Child Save, Under Construction, Under The Sea and Matthew Langille Boy. I would also appreciate it it if the size is One Size (OS) It comes in 2 sizes and OS is the more longer lasting one. It's about 135SGD per box of 6 and they ship to Malaysia for 18SGD. 

- I also need as many Charlie Banana Washable Inserts as I can. Each pack comes with 3 inserts and I need about 3 packs SMALL and 3 packs MEDIUM/LARGE. 

You can find out why we decided to use Charlie Banana and not other cloth diapers through their website. It's better for the environment, better for the baby and cheaper in the long run. I use cotton pads when I'm menstruating and it always gives me rashes, more often than not. I cannot imagine wrapping a baby in diapers most of the day! It's really uncomfortable. 

10) I gained 4kgs. My rings don't even fit me anymore. But, Thank Heavens that I still don't have stretch marks. :)

Been thinking a lot about our finances and insurances. Raising a child, giving him/her the best in life isn't cheap. So far, I only have an investment account which I have to pay monthly.

I have no insurance whatsoever. But, I heard Prudential has an Infant care called PRUmy child. Will update more in my next post. 

Will be migrating this blog to Wordpress... Join me there? Baby stories, baby news and pregnancy updates will all be there!


Nanie Ali said...

I have a feeling you two are having a baby boy :)
But can't wait to see the baby nevertheless..

Michelle May said...

Awww... you're right! It is a Boy!!!

We can't wait to meet him too!!!

Can't wait to blog about him! :)