Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why I Stopped Washing My Face

I read The Cherry Blossom Girl that lives in France (btw!) about how she doesn't use tap water to wash her face despite, living in France.

I'm in Malaysia and I highly doubt the water quality here would be better compared to France.

It's been a week since I changed my regime.

1) Spritz my face with AVENE.
2) Use my fav Thalgo Foaming Cleanser to wash my face.
3) Spray more AVENE.
4) Wipe off with Cotton pads.
5) "Rinse with more AVENE and wipe off with cotton pads.

1) I use my Clarisonic Mia 2 and the Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleanser.
2) I use my AVENE to dampen the brush head and my face.
3) Wipe off with cotton pads.
4) Rinse 2x with AVENE and wipe off with cotton pads.
5) I finish off with dampened cotton pad with Rose Water.
6) I spray another layer of AVENE on my face and allow it to dry after shower.
7) I apply my serum/ moisturiser.

It's been 1 week:
1) My skin is less oily and no new pimples.
2) My skin is smoother and my make up glides effortlessly.
3) I rarely use make up anymore.
4) My skin is noticeably smoother.
5) My pores are smaller too!

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