Thursday, August 20, 2015


Well, Baby is getting stronger by the day. His punches and kicks are more painful especially when he kicks/punch my ribs/bladder.

I'm still exhausted and shopping for baby things are getting more and more tiring. It's seriously ridiculous!

Here's baby's stuff. From bouncers, diapers, mobiles, bathing essentials, breastfeeding pillow, detergents, towels, swaddles, toys, beddings, mothercare sterilizer starter kit, and clothing. I also have my essentials there like Perineal gel, maternity pads, breast pump, and breast pads.

This is his little bath tub, stroller and Fisher Price Books and Toys set. 

But, thank God everything is in place, just waiting for baby's arrival and just the crib, the Mother Care people will deliver and assemble.

It still hasn't dawned on me about how painful childbirth is gonna be. I think I'm tough enough, but we'll see. I don't know how true is it but people mentioned that your pain tolerance is higher if you don't consume Paracetamol. I don't consume it AT ALL and all these while, my pain tolerance was very high. I got stitched up without any anaesthetics when I got into an accident. I HOPE THE MYTH IS TRUE!

1) I feel like a balloon.

2) Baby is in birthing position right now. His head is facing down. Which is good but his legs are so strong that he's able to kick the wind out of my breath! And his strong hands punch my ribs all the time!

3) Baby is now #33Weeks. That's like 7 Weeks more to go!

4) Sitting down is uncomfortable AF!! I don't think he likes it when I sit down cause he moves, and punch and kick. 

5) I'm out of breathe easily. It's getting harder and harder to breathe!

6) Baby likes it when hubby "plays" with him. The Hubby puts his face/hand to my stomach, and baby will kick his face/hand. When hubby talks to him, he bounces and moves. 

7) Driving is becoming a chore. It's very uncomfortable. 

8) Milk is already flowing out of my tits. It's uncomfortable.

9) I pull the muscle in the weirdest places. 2 days ago, it was my ass cheek muscles. 

10) I couldn't be happier that Baby is growing stronger and bigger everyday! He should about 2kgs now. 

My stubbornness is still making me do everything on my own. Arranging baby stuff, driving and etc. I still do what I do before I got pregnant. 

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