Thursday, August 20, 2015

Massimo Dutti Pre-Fall/Summer Stories 2015

I've always loved Massimo Dutti for the beautiful flow of their clothes. But, since I got pregnant, I haven't bought anything from my fav boutique. I don't use the term "Fav Boutique" loosely because I have very few; WAREHOUSE and occasionally Dorothy Perkins. 

Massimo Dutti is one of those boutiques where me and hubby can spend hours trying and falling in love with their clothes! It's been so long and the hubby generously allowed me to pick whatever I want so, I got these 2 piece from their Summer Stories 2015 collection and the dress is from their pre-fall collection. 

100% Silk Folk Print Blouse (RM399) which covers my bulging tummy beautifully in silk and floral print! It's so light and flowy! 

Ethnic Print Dress (RM599) is for hubby's graduation ceremony this weekend and since none of my maternity clothes were formal enough, I got this!!! Again, its beautiful, flowy and very light. Hugs the right places and flows at the right places! 

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