Monday, September 07, 2015

#9Months #36Weeks

Whoever that said a pregnancy is 9 Freaking Months should be shot in the head resurrected and pulled apart by 4 horsemen!

I clarified with my Dr., and he said pregnancies are normally 40 weeks = 10 Months. and most doctors considers 39 weeks as full term. 

My boss said I look like a Beluga whale. I feel that I'm not that HUGE. Hubby said I looked pregnant and this is the worst month ever. 

1) I fell down. Had an event at work and had to be there by 8AM. When I tried to get up from the bed, I felt woozy and decided to rest longer and when I tried to wake up again, it was OK, until I left the car to the entrance of my office. That's when I felt vertigo and fell. 

2) After working through the weekend, My thighs are aching, my knee where I hit when I fell is bruised, my arms feel like they weight a ton and I might have pulled a tendon or muscle on my right butt cheek and lastly, I feel as if I had a gang bang, in my anal. Huge, swelling haemorrhoids. 

3) Right now, all I want is seafood and if I don't get seafood, all I wanna eat is Salmon. 

4) I'm very impressed with my antibody. Touch wood, I haven't gotten sick since I got pregnant. It must either be the Anmum milk or the pregnancy supplement. 

5) Tiredness is back in full swing..... 

6) I can feel baby kicking/ punching my ribs and all my vital organs. 

7) There's this indescribable feeling of "nesting" that makes me keep buying baby things to ensure baby has everything. 

8) My backache is killing me. 

9) I can't lie down on my back because I find it hard to breathe. 

10) Sleeping is difficult because my bladder gets really full and its hard for me to turn. 

On another note, hubby said he got me a gift!!! HAHAAH!!! 

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