Monday, October 26, 2015

Books and Such

Since The Hubby and I are avid readers, I have a whole room full of books staked high from the ceiling to the floor and we both come from family of readers, we thought we would share our love for books with Baby. Baby is barely a month old and we've already filled out one part of the shelf with baby books.

I've discovered a few children's online bookstores in Malaysia that offers competitive pricing for imported English books and it's a tad difficult to put together cause I love Political Sciences books and I normally get my fix from Kinokuniya. The Hubby likes religious books and fiction and he loves Christian bookstores. Buying baby books are new to us. I grew up with Enid Blyton and now, there's a whole array of new authors with cute books. 

At his age, I saw many recommendations for flash cards. I think it's boring and its not contextual, rather more academically inclined. I love children's books because they're simply adorable, cute illustrations, colorful characters and funny, simple stories. 

He has the complete set of Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl for now. I'm liking the cute characters of Maisy, Sophie The Giraffe and Spot. Anyways, here's a list of ONLINE CHILDREN'S BOOKSTORE HERE IN MALAYSIA/ DELIVERS TO MALAYSIA FOR FREE. 

These listings are only for ENGLISH books. I don't read books in any other languages except Spanish. 

1) Book Depository
Huge selection of books, Delivers free to Malaysia but do a cross check with local bookstores for best prices. I bought a few books which was a few dollars more expensive. It takes about 2-3 weeks for your books to arrive to Malaysia. 

2) Bookxcess
I haven't bought online because I'd rather go to their physical store in Amcorp/ Fahrenheit88 so I can browse and buy more books! I love this place cause it's really cheap and they have lots of children's books which you can't find at Popular/MPH/etc....

3) Littlebookz
They specialize only on Children's books. The prices are really reasonable but books sell out too fast. My advice, if you like it, just buy it. Wide array of imported English books.

4) Littlebookwormmy
Similiar to littlebookz but I have not purchased from them before. 

5) Lostmyname
This is a lovely site for you to personalize the storybook with your child's name. It's super cute cause the book tells he story of a Boy/Girl Who Lost Their Name and went on an adventure to get their name back. It makes a lovely gift as well. 

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