Sunday, November 22, 2015


I've tried all types of foundations, from Chanel, Laura Mercier, Urban Decay, RMK, L'Oreal, Bobbi Brown and lastly, Laneige. Nothing has ever came close to BB Cushion Compacts. I LOVE THEM. The most popular brand is Laneige. Unfortunately, it didn't really impress me. Had to apply lots of layers and the color didn't really match me? Hence, I gave up. 

Decided to give NARS a try cause of all the amazing reviews. But, didn't wanna trouble baby by going all the way to KL just to get my cosmetics so, decided to try a cheaper and a closer alternative to home. Went to 1 Utama skinfood and wanted to try the Royal Honey BB Compact, but, it was discontinued.

So, walked a few feet away to Etude House. Imagine my pleasant surprise when they have BUY 1 FREE 1 STOREWIDE promo!

I got this Precious Mineral MAGIC Any Cushion for RM138 and this is actually a primer! The peach is to brighten and clear skin tone. I've never seen a cushion primer. Don't be fooled, this is colorless and I loved how smooth it made my skin. 

My skin was smoother, clearer and brighter, instantly. It is a very impressive product. 

And I got this Precious Mineral Any Cushion (RM138) for FREE! It really made my skin dewy and pretty! I REALLY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! It took very little to hide my enlarged pores, redness and acne marks. 

I hate finding matches for my skin and I always get it wrong. Even the SA from Bobbi Brown got it wrong but this SA and this concealer is THE PERFECT SHADE. It hid all my imperfections, perfectly and comfortably. It blends easily and it's such a miracle worker. Only at RM46, it's such a steal!

And I got this blusher for FREE!!! Perfect shade of coral to give my face a little flush. It's very pigmented and a little goes a long way. I love the cute little ribbon puff! 

Do check their promotion out! The promotion is until the end of December. The whole store is BUY 1 FREE 1, Item is of equal value or less. I'm so tempted to buy the refills and a lipstick. The whole set made me look natural and pretty and I'm really impressed at the quality for the price. 

For more info, you can check ETUDE HOUSE out. 

 I went back and bought the lipstick (RM65) for something matte. This lipstick is moisturizing, matte and the color is just too pretty!

 I fell in love with color eye sticks. For someone who doesn't know how to use eye colors, these are God sent!!! Perfect for beginners like me. I love it so much, I have 2! I love something slightly shimmery just to brighten up my eyes and these are perfect! So many colors and the shimmer was just nice. For RM31, the Bling Bling Eye Sticks are a steal! I'm using Sunset Star. I just might upgrade to Laura Mercier's Caviar Sticks once I'm done and got the hang of these.

So, How does Etude House fare? This is my natural face. No make up whatsoever. Just cleansed. 

TA DA! This is my face with all the make up listed here from Etude House!!! My skin looks like those Korean girls, smooth, fair, and dewy. My lips looks pretty in pink and my cheeks, just flushed. This picture is NOT edited, just the frame. 

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

1 Month OLD!!

Being an OCD has never been this fruitful. I have to say that me and hubby are very OCD and turns out baby has inherited some of our traits. 

He has inherited strict timing where he knows how to put himself to sleep and he sleeps through the night and wakes up every 3 hours to feed. So, I could get some sleep. 

While other moms are complaining that their baby isn't sleeping, this little dumpling knows how to wake up, feed and then go back to sleep. He doesn't need me to cuddle or carry him. Even if his eyes are wide open and he's awake, he doesn't cry, he will just blink play by himself for awhile until he sleeps. 

And he looks so different now. He's put on weight with his double chin and fat thighs and his face isn't as small now. 

I've come a long way breastfeeding him and with the haze and baby is getting sick; Coughing, sneezing, wheezing and phlegm in his lungs/bronchial??? Took his to the paed and if he doesn't improve, he might get bronchitis. 

So, I've been overdosing on Orange Juice and started taking probiotics. Trust me, The whole house was sick and I was the only healthy one. Within a week baby is very healthy now, with the occasional sneezing. 

Always, ALWAYS go natural. I refused to take Vitamin C tablets but I squeeze the juice from 10 oranges a day. In the morning; 4. Afternoon; 2. Dinner; 4. 

He is a bit spoilt though. In the afternoons, he will only sleep if we carry him. His fav place to sleep? On my breast!

When I was pregnant, I didn't know what I needed, so, me and hubby bought EVERYTHING a baby needs. You say it, we have it. We spent close to 12k on baby stuff. 

1) Wet wipes.
2) Diapers (I use Charlie Banana Cloth diapers during the day and Drypers at night)
* You can find Charlie Banana in Malaysia
3) Baby Powder
4) Baby Wash (Sebamed Baby/Buds cause it's gentler on the skin compared to Johnsons)
5) Swaddle (I have 6 in rotation from Angel Dear and Aden + Anais)
6) 2 baby blankets
7) 10-15 short sleeve onesies
8) Muslin cloths and hankies
9) 7 long sleeve onesies but i rarely use them cause its difficult to change his diapers at night.
10) Towels. (I have 4 in rotation)
11) Thermometer. (Microlife Digital Thermometer is one of the best! Plus i got it for RM128 during sales)
12) Clevamama Baby Pillow (Baby loves this!)
13) Bath tub
14) Cotton balls

1) Lots of breastpads / reusable breast pads
2) Pads and pantyliners
3) Got my confinement stuff from Eu Yan Sang

1) Breast milk storage. (Bags/ bottles)
2) If bottles, best to get a sterilizer. (I got a great deal at Mothercare)
3) Dettol hand sanitizer.
4) Nipple cream (Mustela / Earth Mama Angel Baby)

I did most of my shopping at Applecrumby & Fish and Mothercare.

If you need a list of what to buy, you can find it HERE