Sunday, February 28, 2016

Breast Pump for you

So, I've been using Unimom Forte since I started to build my stock while I went back to work. Since I direct latch my baby most of the time, pumping was just to relieve myself of engorged breasts. I selected Unimom Forte after extensive research. I know that motherhood is really busy and I didn't want pumping to take up much time.

After much research, I found out that that the best breast pump is the hospital grade kind, if you want to breastfeed your baby fully for 2 years or more. Unimom Forte is really brilliant, it is able to empty my breast in 30 minutes, very little parts to wash (Only 3; Flange, Valve and bottle to wash!) and really easy to find replacement parts. I'm in Malaysia. On average, I always get about 400-500ml everyday. 

Picture courtesy of Jesspers ebay AU

Unfortunately, since I have to pump at work, lugging this huge bulk around is not an easy feat. I have to carry this pump in my bag, I have to carry my lap top bag, and I have to carry my Coleman icebox. So, you can imagine me, carrying 3 bags to work and home. Secondly, this one runs on plug, I need a plug for it to work. Thirdly, it's not very silent. 

So, I decided to get a 2nd pump, a back up pump and these were my requirements:
1) Portable/lightweight/ Small
2) Uses Rechargeable battery/powerbank
3) Cheap
4) Silent
5) Easy to find replacement
6) Freemie compatible
7) Closed system
8) 2 Phase: Massage & Expression
9) Little parts to wash
10) Single pump

I searched and here's the result of my research:

1) Lacte Solo Elite

Picture courtesy of GMTA Asia

1) Love the new sleek design!
2) Single pump
3) Quieter than my Unimom
4) Rechargeable battery
5) Lightweight

1) Too many parts to wash
2) It's quite big
3) I didn't quite like the suction
4) Expensive for a single pump. RM399

2) MALISH Aria

Picture courtesy of pumponthego because I went there to test all the pumps! :)

1) Lightweight
2) Little parts
3) Too cute!!!

1) Didn't like the suction
2) Battery wasn't rechargeable
3) Price was pricey for a single pump. RM359

3) Spectra S9+
Picture courtesy of pumponthego

1) Super silent
2) Little parts to wash
3) Rechargeable battery
4) Very small and portable


OF COURSE, my pick would be Spectra S9+. But, it's too expensive for a backup pump. Also, after extensive research, the cheapest would be from LAZADA for only RM370. You are able to get it cheaper with vouchers. Unfortunately, It doesn't really have warranty from Malaysia, the warranty is from Korea and it takes about 2-3 weeks for the item to be shipped from Korea. Oh! And also the plug is a 2 point plug.

As I was contemplating, I posted on Freemie Support Group on FB and got a good deal! So, here's my verdict.

As you can see, I managed to pump 300ml, compared to my usual 200ml every morning. The device is super small, super quiet as I was pumping next to my sleeping baby and it's rechargeable battery allows me to pump ANYWHERE. With my Unimom, I'm restricted to the dining table where the pump is normally plugged in. 

With my Spectra, I pump sitting on the bed next to my sleeping baby. I'm also able to eat my breakfast and do my laundry with this pump. I'm so happy with this pump because I'm able to pump 300ml in under 10 minutes!!!! With the Unimom, it's 200ml in 20 minutes. 

I'm so glad I got my Spectra S9+ and my Freemie! I can't wait to try it with my Freemie next. Hopefully, I'm successful. So, as much as I love my Unimom, I love the Spectra more. Now, my Unimom is my back up pump. 

With a good pump, I'm able to produce more milk for my baby and also be able to donate to other babies. So, this is the importance of a good pump. 

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