Friday, March 25, 2016

My Cutie Patootie/ Beaba / #ApplecrumbySPRING

Here are some happy pictures of my cutie pie. He really is the cutest, most smilest little baby boo EVER. (I know its a hyperbole fallacy!) 

Except in the last picture, he wasn't too happy that I had to work on a Saturday! hahah

I have been stalking baby shops to find the best price for the Beaba Babycook Solo. Every single shop seems to be charging RM1k+. Then my fav shop Applecrumby & Fish was having a Spring Sale and I got everything in this picture for RM880! The Beaba Solo RED was supposed to be RM1058 and the Clevamama pillow was RM90 and the little Beaba portions container and spoon was about RM60 for both. 

The rest of the items are FREE GIFTS! I got 20% and on top of that 20%, I got RM120 cash discount!!! Without the pillow and etc, the Beaba Solo was only RM880!!! 

Applecrumby sale is really worth going to. I've been to 2 of their sales and I'm looking forward to more sales in the future!

I decided to get the because I really wanted to feed my baby natural and pure food. What better way than to prepare my own food using the Beaba Solo? It's a 4-in-1 appliance where it can steam, defrost, puree and when you put the frozen puree into the Beaba portions container, you can just drop it into the Solo to defrost!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Breast Milk Soap

I won't say that I am an oversupply mom, but, I'm blessed with enough milk to ensure Johnellejr have all the milk he needs, and able to feed 2 other little baby boys and still have enough to spare to make into soaps to be given away to babies with skin problems. 

Since I got pregnant, and I'm unable to donate blood, And now, I can donate milk, so, it's a no brainer. The more you give in life, the more you'll receive. 

I got these beautiful soaps hand made by Samantha from Earth Care. Her location is convenient for me and the price is pretty reasonable.  I gave her a pack of my breast milk (about 10oz) for 1kg of soaps! I paid about RM120 for about 10 bars of soaps and 6 small bars.

I don't like funny looking shapes and designs and I prefer my soaps to be unscented and bar shaped.  I just received them, so, here it is!

Samantha packs them up in a beautiful box!

 All the soaps are individually packed and labelled.

 She even threw in a free cream for me!

 I received 2 sizes, a huge bar and a smaller bar.

 This is the bigger bar. I got 10 pieces of these. 

 And these are the smaller bars, I got about 8 pieces of these. 

Overall, I'm very satisfied with my soaps and I gave a few bars to my colleague cause her daughter has eczema on her legs and she said that the eczema has cured!!! I also gave her a few packs so she can soak her daughter's legs. 

Samantha is super friendly and easy to deal with and I will definitely order more from her. Do check her out, I highly recommend her services. 

Thursday, March 03, 2016

GabaG Lyona

Whenever I go to work, I carry 3 bags. My laptop bag, My normal bag and my cooler box. My colleagues say that I'm going camping or they'll know when I have to pump. So, since I started using Spectra S9+, I can use a smaller bag and since most mommies are using GabaG and it comes highly recommended as it's able to keep my EBM chilled for up to 16 hours, I decided to check it out.

 I loved the designs. I wanted to get a backpack or the Ethnic/Bamboo GabaG, but, when I check it out at pumponthego Kelana Jaya, I find that the Ethnic/Bamboo is a tad too small and the backpack is too big, since I'm only using a MacBook Air.

The Lyona, however, fits perfectly. This is how it looks, with 2 ice packs, 1 flange and bottle, phone, access cards, tissue, and my Spectra pump!

This is the ice compartment. It comes with 2 ice packs but I prefer these Ice packs from Daiso. It stays frozen all throughout the day from 8AM-5PM. 

This is where I keep my necessities. The brown bag contains my pump, the colorful bag contains my keys, access cards, phone, money, tissue and there's another bag in there filled with my breast milk storage bags. 

It's just nice to store my necessities and I can combine 2 bags into 1!! 

All the bags have detailed finishings, beautiful designs and patterns and very practical! Now, my colleagues call this my Mommy bag! 


After 3 months of usage, there's so many noticable wear and TEAR. I use it daily and for a RM103 bag, I really didn't expect it to be so low quality. 

If you think I'm a hard core user, you're wrong. I put it on my car seat to go to work, when I'm at work, it's on my table all the time. When I pump, It's on a bed and when I reach home, it's on the chair. I only use it Monday - Friday. 

The stitches was fraying and it causes the bag to be broken, and there's so many dents or little holes. Stitching was breaking apart and the bag is in such a terrible condition, it's obscene. 

Please, don't bother getting the Lyona. I can't say for other GaBag's but there's tons of bags out there. I'm currently eyeing the Allegra bag. You can peek at their Allegra Indonesia Instagram and they have really cute and pretty prints! 

You're better off buying that than stupid GaBag!! 

Wednesday, March 02, 2016


As a full time working mom to a 5mo, I no longer have the luxury of going out shopping, why? Because I feel that it's really troublesome to be lugging around my bags, stroller, car seat, toys and a crying/cranky baby (sometimes!) out to shop. 

My son is now 5 months old but he grows so fast, it's sometimes difficult to keep up with clothing him. He's now using size L diapers and wears 9-12 months size of baby clothes. He's also heavier than some 9 months old baby. He's 8.5kg at 5 months. 

Imagine my delight when I discovered ZALORA Kids! I used to shop with Zalora and I enjoy their range of brands, fast delivery and returns and easy interface of their site. As a new parent, I'm beginning to understand more about clothing your baby. Mine has been wriggling and fighting and would rather be butt naked than wear clothes. 

So, the clothes you'll want to get must be easy to wear, soft, easy to care for, and easy to access. You'll be changing at least 10 diapers (or more!) in a day, you'll appreciate onesies with snap ons at the bottom, or ones that runs all the way down the onesie.

Babies have really soft and sensitive skin, so, you have to make sure that the cloth is super soft cotton, so it keeps baby cool and comfy. If there's designs or anything on the onesie, make sure there's a cloth backing on the inside, so it doesn't irritate baby's skin. 

Diapers tend to explode/ poo tends to seep out to their clothes and that's the importance of easy to care clothes. Babies tend to throw up on themselves, dribble saliva all over their clothes, and poop and pee on their clothes, so, get something that is easily machine washable. Trust me, you won't have time to care for a baby AND waste your time hand washing your laundry!

Next, I'm going to talk about the 3 MUST-HAVE BABY CLOTHES that you'll need. 


Sometimes, I wish I had a daughter, so I can buy her pretty dresses onesies, but since I have a son, cutesy onesies and rompers will have to do. 

This is my son in his onesie and romper.

Every little baby needs an outer wear. My baby wears a white cardigan whenever we take him to the hospital for his immunisations. 
For baby girls, it just looks really cute with their tops or dresses. 


Whenever I take my son out, we always dress him in 2 pieces. He has his little jeans and a shirt/ a tee and shorts. 

Isn't he cute? This was his Christmas clothes.
2 piece sets are always smart and super cute! 

Images courtesy of Zalora.


Litlle Dumpling is 5 MONTHS!!!

Time flies and #johnellejr is now 5 months! We celebrated his 1st Christmas, 1st Chinese New Year, 1st New Year and many more to come. He's such a bundle of joy that whenever we take him out, strangers will comment, about how cute he is and thank God that he's so loved by everyone that meets him. 

Overall, he's a pretty happy baby. He's happy MOST times and he loves smiling and playing. Whenever he cries, it's mostly for milk. AND YES, HE'S 100% BREASTFED. 

In order to breastfeed long term, I gave myself little milestones to keep me going. For example, I told myself to make it to 4 months, then another 4 months, and slowly, keep going on. I'm aiming towards 8 months right now. 

Thank the Lord that he's been healthy and even if he gets sick, he heals pretty quickly. This is the power of breastmilk. And I've been pretty blessed to be able to feed 2 other babies and help many other babies with their skin conditions with johnellejr's expired breastmilk. 

To all other mommies out there, the first few weeks of breastfeeding will be painful. VERY PAINFUL, much more painful than contractions. But, keep going on. You're giving the very best to your child. NOTHING CAN BE BETTER THAN MOTHER'S MILK.