Saturday, March 12, 2016

Breast Milk Soap

I won't say that I am an oversupply mom, but, I'm blessed with enough milk to ensure Johnellejr have all the milk he needs, and able to feed 2 other little baby boys and still have enough to spare to make into soaps to be given away to babies with skin problems. 

Since I got pregnant, and I'm unable to donate blood, And now, I can donate milk, so, it's a no brainer. The more you give in life, the more you'll receive. 

I got these beautiful soaps hand made by Samantha from Earth Care. Her location is convenient for me and the price is pretty reasonable.  I gave her a pack of my breast milk (about 10oz) for 1kg of soaps! I paid about RM120 for about 10 bars of soaps and 6 small bars.

I don't like funny looking shapes and designs and I prefer my soaps to be unscented and bar shaped.  I just received them, so, here it is!

Samantha packs them up in a beautiful box!

 All the soaps are individually packed and labelled.

 She even threw in a free cream for me!

 I received 2 sizes, a huge bar and a smaller bar.

 This is the bigger bar. I got 10 pieces of these. 

 And these are the smaller bars, I got about 8 pieces of these. 

Overall, I'm very satisfied with my soaps and I gave a few bars to my colleague cause her daughter has eczema on her legs and she said that the eczema has cured!!! I also gave her a few packs so she can soak her daughter's legs. 

Samantha is super friendly and easy to deal with and I will definitely order more from her. Do check her out, I highly recommend her services. 

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