Thursday, March 03, 2016

GabaG Lyona

Whenever I go to work, I carry 3 bags. My laptop bag, My normal bag and my cooler box. My colleagues say that I'm going camping or they'll know when I have to pump. So, since I started using Spectra S9+, I can use a smaller bag and since most mommies are using GabaG and it comes highly recommended as it's able to keep my EBM chilled for up to 16 hours, I decided to check it out.

 I loved the designs. I wanted to get a backpack or the Ethnic/Bamboo GabaG, but, when I check it out at pumponthego Kelana Jaya, I find that the Ethnic/Bamboo is a tad too small and the backpack is too big, since I'm only using a MacBook Air.

The Lyona, however, fits perfectly. This is how it looks, with 2 ice packs, 1 flange and bottle, phone, access cards, tissue, and my Spectra pump!

This is the ice compartment. It comes with 2 ice packs but I prefer these Ice packs from Daiso. It stays frozen all throughout the day from 8AM-5PM. 

This is where I keep my necessities. The brown bag contains my pump, the colorful bag contains my keys, access cards, phone, money, tissue and there's another bag in there filled with my breast milk storage bags. 

It's just nice to store my necessities and I can combine 2 bags into 1!! 

All the bags have detailed finishings, beautiful designs and patterns and very practical! Now, my colleagues call this my Mommy bag! 


After 3 months of usage, there's so many noticable wear and TEAR. I use it daily and for a RM103 bag, I really didn't expect it to be so low quality. 

If you think I'm a hard core user, you're wrong. I put it on my car seat to go to work, when I'm at work, it's on my table all the time. When I pump, It's on a bed and when I reach home, it's on the chair. I only use it Monday - Friday. 

The stitches was fraying and it causes the bag to be broken, and there's so many dents or little holes. Stitching was breaking apart and the bag is in such a terrible condition, it's obscene. 

Please, don't bother getting the Lyona. I can't say for other GaBag's but there's tons of bags out there. I'm currently eyeing the Allegra bag. You can peek at their Allegra Indonesia Instagram and they have really cute and pretty prints! 

You're better off buying that than stupid GaBag!! 

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