Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Litlle Dumpling is 5 MONTHS!!!

Time flies and #johnellejr is now 5 months! We celebrated his 1st Christmas, 1st Chinese New Year, 1st New Year and many more to come. He's such a bundle of joy that whenever we take him out, strangers will comment, about how cute he is and thank God that he's so loved by everyone that meets him. 

Overall, he's a pretty happy baby. He's happy MOST times and he loves smiling and playing. Whenever he cries, it's mostly for milk. AND YES, HE'S 100% BREASTFED. 

In order to breastfeed long term, I gave myself little milestones to keep me going. For example, I told myself to make it to 4 months, then another 4 months, and slowly, keep going on. I'm aiming towards 8 months right now. 

Thank the Lord that he's been healthy and even if he gets sick, he heals pretty quickly. This is the power of breastmilk. And I've been pretty blessed to be able to feed 2 other babies and help many other babies with their skin conditions with johnellejr's expired breastmilk. 

To all other mommies out there, the first few weeks of breastfeeding will be painful. VERY PAINFUL, much more painful than contractions. But, keep going on. You're giving the very best to your child. NOTHING CAN BE BETTER THAN MOTHER'S MILK. 


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