Friday, March 25, 2016

My Cutie Patootie/ Beaba / #ApplecrumbySPRING

Here are some happy pictures of my cutie pie. He really is the cutest, most smilest little baby boo EVER. (I know its a hyperbole fallacy!) 

Except in the last picture, he wasn't too happy that I had to work on a Saturday! hahah

I have been stalking baby shops to find the best price for the Beaba Babycook Solo. Every single shop seems to be charging RM1k+. Then my fav shop Applecrumby & Fish was having a Spring Sale and I got everything in this picture for RM880! The Beaba Solo RED was supposed to be RM1058 and the Clevamama pillow was RM90 and the little Beaba portions container and spoon was about RM60 for both. 

The rest of the items are FREE GIFTS! I got 20% and on top of that 20%, I got RM120 cash discount!!! Without the pillow and etc, the Beaba Solo was only RM880!!! 

Applecrumby sale is really worth going to. I've been to 2 of their sales and I'm looking forward to more sales in the future!

I decided to get the because I really wanted to feed my baby natural and pure food. What better way than to prepare my own food using the Beaba Solo? It's a 4-in-1 appliance where it can steam, defrost, puree and when you put the frozen puree into the Beaba portions container, you can just drop it into the Solo to defrost!

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