Sunday, June 26, 2016

Storing EBM

I pump a lot and I'm blessed enough to be able to feed 4 other babies every month. The Hubby got me a deep chest freezer 100l and I've read about other mommies asking how to store and manage EBM. 

My baby has enough fresh breast milk to last him a whole day so, I pump to relieve engorgement and for other babies. I'm able to store 1 pack of 200ml everyday. Sometimes, even more. Everyday, once frozen, I store them in these Daiso boxes. 

Once they're full for 1 month, I will pack them into the biggest POSLAJU plastic envelope. So, 1 envelope is milk from the whole month. So, every month, I will donate out the previous month ones. Simple. This method is the easiest if you're packing milk to donate. If you're going to feed your little one, you need to practise the first in, first out method. 

Diaper Bag

What's in your diaper bag? 

During the weekends, I don't use my GaBag because I don't have to pump and chill my breastmilk. Unfortunately, I'm hating my GaBag now (Will update my post soon and why you shouldn't buy a GaBag) 

During the weekends, I use this Eco-Leather Pasito a Pasito Diaper Bag. For the full list of Pasito a Pasito Diaper Bags in Malaysia, you can click HERE. I love my Diaper Bag because it's roomy enough, easy to clean (With a damp cloth), stylish and oh-so-versatile. 

I make it a point to attach all my bags with Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizers. The Diaper Bag comes together with a small changing mat. In my bag, there's a travel pouch, my trusty Boba Air, my doggy nursing cover and my trusty Applecrumby Wipes. Oh, and also a few toys and packs of tissues. 

I have to do a review of my Boba Air which I got from Fabulous Mom TTDI for RM205. It's super light weight, folds itself into a small pouch, fits into my handbag/ diaper bag/ almost anywhere. It's so easy to take it with me everywhere I go! The best part? #johnellejr LOVES being carried in it! I can shop in peace and he will always fall asleep in it. It's very comfortable on me and I've worn it for the longest is 4 hours now.

I got this travelling pouch froma seller on Carousell and It's the best RM25 I've spent. It's big enough to store 1 onesie, 1 Tee shirt, 3 Drypers Touch, Putto wipes, Mini Sudocream, Mini powder, bib, hanky, hand sanitizer, a few breast pads and a reusable bag. Big right???